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Law’s tragic backstory arc is brought to you by the letter D.

D. For “Dick jokes.”

Because really, all the heart (Corazon) wants is the D. He know’s the D can overthrow God. Everything he does is for the sake of the D. That’s some pretty impressive D, not gonna lie.

And yet, Oda seems to be giving us just the tip of this mystery…

That pun is gold.

One Piece 746

I swear to the gods this manga is going to be the death of me. If anyone need me, I’ll be drowning in my own tears.

I want a viking burial with all my manga.

One Piece theory #3: About Crocodile

So, if Ivankov knows Crocodile, it means he could’ve been a woman? Lots uf us have this theory. I mean, why not? “But Oda drew him as a kid.” 

Wait, do you mean this?


For me, this could either be a boy or a girl. An compare him to the rest of the shichibukai as kids.


Look everyone. The boy’s faces are more square, and the proportions more “realistic”. While Crocodile and Hancock have rounder faces, and their eyes and nose are practically at the same heigh. Also, Crocodile is two years older than Mihawk, but he has softer features than him.

"But we can see him in Roger’s death flashback". Do you mean his hair?


Because that’s all we can see. Well, his cigar and ear too.

And there’s a theory on reddit that states Crocodile’s name is Croco D. Ile, and mashed together, it sounds as Crocodile. Why hide the D? Really? Corazón tells Law not to get near Doffy if he’s really a D, so being a D is dangerous. We’ll know more in this weeks chapter.

Also, isn’t Ile a girl’s name?

Other thing about him is that he’s Luffy’s uncle on mother’s side. “He stabs Luffy in Alabasta.” He could have left way before Luffy was born.

And the last. There’s a crazy theory about Crocodile being Luffy’s mother. It’s strange, but it’s posible. “Oda is not that twisted.” Remember Sabo and how he was alive? And Doflamingo’s fucked up past? Law hid in a pile of corpses. Crocodile being Luffy’s mother is not as strange if we know this.  

One piece 763


And Doflamingo’s past. Oda, we want MOAR.

One Piece theory #2: Crocodile is part of the Revolutionary Army

Oh, Crocodile. I could write a book about this man. Oda gave us lots of hints with his behaviour, but let’s start from the top.

Impel Down. Well, that’s not the top, but it will have to do. At Impel Down, he only accepted to go with Luffy because he wanted to kill Shirohige, and told him he could, at any given moment, kill them all and escape on his own. But Ivankov shuts him up remembering him he could tell Crocodile’s secret. Ivankov obviously knows him from before, and I don’t think he was around in the Alabasta Arc.

A bit later, at the battle of Marineford, he stopped Ace’s execution. Ace being Gol D. Roger’s son, was quite important for the Revolutionary Army. Also, he stated he wasn’t going to let the Marines have their way, and stopped Doflamingo, Akainu, and looked as he was going to bite off Mihawk’s head. 

When he discovers Luffy is Dragon’s son, his behaviour turns 180º. He changes from attacking the Marines to defending Luffy. He tells Jimbei if he wants to protect something, he better does it right. (Wich also led me to think he might be related to Luffy, but he didn’t knew until now.)

But then, if he’s part of the Revolutionary Army, what about Alabasta? He wanted Pluton, the most powerful warship ever. Dragon needs extremely powerful weapons to overthrown the government, so that’s why Crocodile was in Alabasta. The Pluton is the only one of the three ancient weapons they can lay their hands on. Why? Basic greek mythology.

The three ancient weapons are Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus. Poseidon is princess Shirahoshi, a living being (not an inanimate thing, like a ship) powerful enough to summon sea kings. Dragon would be against taking her  against her will (I think so, at least), so that leaves us with Pluton and Uranus. 

This is the fucked up part. Doflamingo states that, in Marijoia, there’s a “national treasure” that can shake the world. Marijoia is at the top of the Red Line, it’s the city in the sky, where the celestial dragons are from. Uranus is the personification of the sky in greek mythology, father of the titans.

The “national treasure” Doflamingo spoke about is the weapon Uranus. So, the only weapon left is Pluton. It wasn’t Crocodile, but Dragon who wanted Pluton, so they could stand against Uranus. He just sensed one of his men to retrieve it.

I think that covers everything. Tell me if I left any detail out. And why did I thought all of this? Kuma. Bartholomew Kuma was in the Revolutionary Army, and infiltrated the Shichibukai. We know this thanks to Ivankov. 

That’s it.

One Piece theory #1: Big Mom is Lola’s mother

Remember Lola? She’s the captain of the Rolling Pirates we met in Thiller Bark. She befriended Nami and gave her a vivre card in case they ever got in trouble, they could go to her mother for help.

She told them she is a powerful pirate from the New World. This screams Big Mom. It’s a simple theory, but it makes too much sense to me.

One Piece Theories

I’ve come with two theories about certain events in One Piece. I want to share them because. Let’s start.

One Piece 762


Law hid in a pile of corpses. That’s not right. That’s never right. Even for a fictional character. Gods.


And Doflamingo took of his glasses. I have a bet with Issney. She bets Doflamingo’s eyes are blue, while I think they’re red. THAT KIND OF TEASING IT’S NOT RIGHT, ODA. SHOW US HIS EYES.

And he’s actually the rational one of all of them. I don’t know what to think about him right now.